8 Surprising Yoga Benefits

Yoga makes you feel good. With some adjustments, it is safe and suitable for almost any physical condition and it can be gentle and soothing enough that even on the days when you can’t face a sweating workout, it still has some appeal. It’s no wonder that it’s become so popular. Yet, despite how popular it is and how much we know about its good effects, here are 8 benefits of yoga that you might not have heard about before. 

1. Improve your concentration

These days, we are taught to multi-task. We are taught to rush through our day thinking of a million things and focusing on none of them. Yoga teaches you to concentrate. To perform the poses, you must focus your mind on your individual body parts, on your breathing and positioning. This skill is amazingly beneficial both in your yoga practice and in your life as a whole. 


2. Stimulate your creativity 

There is a fair amount of debate about this one. Whether it’s because of the stimulation to chakra centers of the body or whether it shifts you into a more open and creative mindset, yoga can help to fuel your creative mind and allow you to generate and consider new and exciting ideas. 

3. Improve your self-confidence

Yoga teaches body confidence. It teaches you to control your movements and your breathing and it also shows you just how strong your body can be if trained correctly. This body awareness and confidence can affect every part of your life, particularly in this era when it is considered almost normal to body-shame ourselves or others. 

4. Prevent as well as relieve stress

Yoga reduces the symptoms of stress, everyone knows that, but it can also decrease the chances that you will experience stress in the first place. A regular yoga practice teaches greater self-control and self-monitoring, which may help practitioners to manage their systems before stress can negatively affect their bodies. 

5. Improve your relationships

The core tenets of most yoga practices are patience and compassion for the self and for others. How could this not improve your relationships? 

6. Protect bone density

As we get older, our bones get thinner and more brittle, often leading to breaks or osteoporosis. Studies show that bodyweight exercises, such as yoga, may help slow or reduce this weakening of the bones, making our senior years safer and more enjoyable. 

7. Reduce problems with asthma

Yoga teaches conscious and deep breathing and increases the stamina and strength of the lungs. For asthma sufferers, this can help to reduce the severity of attacks and even give them the ability to calm their breathing during an attack. 

8. Encourage healthier eating

Yoga causes the release of feel-good chemicals into your system. This natural high can stop practitioners from feeling the need to binge eat to improve their mood, or to fulfill unmet needs. 

Yoga is fun, there are a lot of different types to keep you from being bored, and it’s beneficial for both your body and your mind. Whatever type of workout you enjoy, adding yoga to your routine, or trying a new form of yoga, can be an important step towards your fitness and lifestyle goals. So, grab your yoga leggings and get started.

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