How to Do the Perfect Fire Log Pose

The fire log pose is a seated asana that stretches your hips and improves your overall posture. Some of you might know it by its English name, which is “knee-to-ankle-pose.” It is called the fire log pose due to the position in which you will be required to keep your legs stacked one on top of the other just like bonfire logs. Here are some tips, steps, and instructions to help you perfect this asana.

Fire Log Pose Steps & Instructions

Begin from a sitting position while keeping your legs extended at first. Align your body and maintain a straight spine. For the moment, you can rest your arms at your sides. Then, bend the right knee while placing it as close to your chest as possible. The right ankle should be in a rested position right above your left kneecap. Don’t forget about your other leg! Bend your left knee as well and slide the left shin beneath your right one. In the end, the left ankle should go directly under your right knee. If you’re flexible enough, both your shins should be parallel to the mat’s top edge. Also, shins should form a 90-degree angle with your thighs. Flex your feet a little more and don’t forget to press them through your heels. Another important detail is to maintain your toes spread at all times.

Push your groins and lower abdominal area toward the floor. Sit up as straight as you can and lengthen your torso’s front part. Your fingertips must remain in a resting position on the yoga mat or on the floor. Those of you who are more experienced can even raise the arms, bend your elbows, and put your palms together like in a prayer. 

Finishing Up the Pose & Releasing It

Soften your face and relax your facial muscles. Bring the focus on your third eye, which is that small space in between your eyebrows. Hold the fire log pose for about a minute and then come out of it slowly. You can do that by gently lengthening your legs. Repeat this asana with your other leg on top. 

Additional Tips

During this pose, your pelvic area should remain in a neutral position. To do this, try to balance your body weight on both your sit bones.

Don’t favor one single side of your body. Make sure to alternate the legs and maintain the asana on each side for the same time length.

Pay attention to your body alignment: from your head’s crown to your spine tailbone, every part of your back should be in a perfect vertical posture.

Open your chest by closing up the gap between your shoulder blades. Your torso’s front part must remain long and your collarbones should be broad. Don’t hunch your shoulder. 

Putting It All Together

The fire log pose targets your hip flexors, but your hamstrings, calves, lower back, and glutes are also engaged even though they are targeted to a lesser degree. This asana will relax you and will release tension from your muscles. Make sure to maintain the proper posture throughout the entire pose. Let us know how well it worked for you given the fact that you followed our guidelines.

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