What is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as Grounding, is the basic practice of absorbing the Earth’s energy through direct physical connection of its surface. The Earth receives its electric energy from the sun and lightening that strikes its surface, which essentially creates a Bio-Battery. We humans also have electric energy (electrons) that run through our bodies; by connecting with the earth one on one, we allow the energy to fill up our stores and keep our energy full.

It is important to reconnect with Mother Earth by not confining ourselves indoors and remembering that it is in our biological composition to be exposed to nature. As we are living organisms, just like the plants and animals that live on Earth, our bodies need to receive neutralizing electrons that only the earth can provide in order for us to properly maintain our bodies.

How Do We Connect?

One of the simplest ways to connect with the earth is to slip off your socks and shoes and walk around barefoot on the grass, in water, or on any other natural foundation (including concrete, as it is a conduit for the electric energy). Try to connect one on one with the Earth for a good half hour.

Benefits to Earthing

By allowing our feet to be connected directly to the natural foundations outside, or even indoors to the grounded, conductive systems, we allow for the possible relief of symptoms related to stress, insomnia, inflammation, pain, and more. Just as sunlight, healthy food, and physical activity benefits our bodies, so does allowing the electric energy that flows through our body to be neutralized in the most natural way, through our connection to Mother Earth.

The Top 5 Benefits of Earthing

Your Immune System benefits from a fresh supply of neutralized electrons. The electrons that flow from the earth allow for us to receive one of the strongest amounts of antioxidants possible to flow through our body.

Sleep is such a crucial factor in how we function throughout the day. When we ground ourselves with the Earth, we allow our biorhythms, including our cardiac rhythms, to synchronize within our bodies which, in turn, regulates our sleep patterns.

A higher level of cortisol is directly linked with our levels of stress, connecting with the earth lowers these levels, which then lowers our risk for abdominal fat. Lowered cortisol also means increasing the anti-aging properties.

Technology is rapidly increasing and is consistent in our everyday life. We are so bombarded with it constantly that we are polluted with its unnatural electronic waves that run through our body. Earthing helps clean our body of these pollutants. Our bodies will naturally have more energy, allowing for us to heal and repair any damage.

As humans, we are always drawn to nature, we take vacations to get away from the office, we go for walks in the forest to reconnect with nature and with ourselves. Although we may not always be able to take that special vacation we always dream of, we can always reconnect with the outdoors in the simplest ways, from going for a walk, to watching the sun set. Explore the world outside and find the numerous ways can connect with Mother Earth.

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